Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This Will Knock Your Smocks Off!

I feel like I need to change my blog title. I started out meaning to just keep the ball rolling with crochet, but instead, I've found myself at the sewing machine a lot more. Thanks in a large part to Ashley and Dana. I have actually made things from both of their tutorials and it's been lots of fun. Pictures on those later.

On the same note, I found While They Sleep through Dana's blog. Hannah is amazing also, as a mom of 3 little ones and has lots of stuff for moms to do "while they sleep (or tear up the living room" :). I found some smocks that she made using the mayfly's smock pattern and it looked easy enough. I decided to give it a try and made this smock.

So easy and cute! I got brave enough to try the heart and made my first ever applique. Guys, it was really super super easy.

I had thought the applique would negate the reversibility of the smock, but I think it looks just as cute reversed.

It was so easy and fun, that I made two for my BF Sunny's daughter and also my niece, River. Hers is one sided with black flannel and a little heart pocket.

Lucy approved! I got her a precious gathered turtleneck and she wore it with that today...tons cuter! I didn't take a pic, though, so I'll have to post that later!

Reversed....(so hard with a two year old model!)

And, from the back...

Since I got all 3 yards of fabric on clearance for $8 total, this was a super cheap project too. I probably have enough fabric to make another baby one. Here I go...

Also (I have debated forever about even posting this part), I am going way out on a limb here and letting ya'll know that I'm participating in the LBB/Dharma Trading Design Challenge. I know! I'm super nervous, too! I wanted to just make my dress and see if it looked good before I posted, but I feel like if I blog about it, then I'll have to post no matter what! I was super excited about the .99 shirts I got at goodwill.

So far, this is what I have cut out.

But I haven't sewed anything yet! Keep your fingers crossed for me, K?

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