Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Designing Dana's Header

So, I am flying high right now! I entered a "Design my Header" contest for my favorite handmade blog, MADE. Out of 180 people and 309 entries, TWO of my headers were chosen to be in the top 35! No way! Here they are. Dana is showcasing her top 35 today and tomorrow and will narrow it down to the top 3! Even if I make it no further, I am pumped to have made it this far. Here they are, and here is the link to her post to see the rest. And, if you don't have her site bookmarked or followed, do so now! You won't regret it!

MADE 2 by speech_chicky
MADE 2, a photo by speech_chicky on Flickr.

I just love the sidewalk chalk font on the picnik site. Here I was able to use it in a very neat way. I LOVE the pink converse and red curb. Also, I am a sucker for pink converse since I had some as a child.

Made 4 by speech_chicky
Made 4, a photo by speech_chicky on Flickr.

The inspiration for this picture was the super cool funky tattoo font that picnik has. I remembered reading this post about Dana's super crafty sisters, and I thought, "I wonder if I could find a photo of her super rad temporary tattoo artist sister to tattoo the made logo on." It took some searching, but here it is. I really thought this would make Dana and her sis smile and was floored that it made her top 35! OK, there's my bloggy joy for the day.

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  1. Sweet!! Yay for you, great job girl! =] Best wishes on making it to the top 3, you can do it!