Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anthropologie Dutch Tote

I made it another week! No way! Thanks for voting. Mine was the Anthro Double Dutch Tote. Did you guess? I took it to the library last week and felt so hip to have such an awesome handbag. The tutorial will be up early next week. The main part of the tutorial will be measurements for the wood handle and the pattern for the bag, which is one long piece. I doubled this piece to make it reversible, but it was easy, straight stitches. Love love love.

I was very excited about this week's theme. I NEVER sew anything for myself, so I decided I would make myself a knockoff designer handbag. When I saw this Double Dutch Bag on Anthropologie, I knew it was the project for me!


This bag is roomy and beautiful! It requires a small amount of basic carpentry and beginner level sewing skills. It is completely customizable and, even better, completely reversible!

I made one side feminine and gorgeous and the other side more casual. You can use any fabric you so desire and even upcycle old clothes! I used linen, upholstery fabric, and upcycled clothing (an old floral skirt and a very used pair of men's jeans). The original Dutch bag uses scraps of dutch mail bags with wording on it, and I used freezer paper stencils and fabric paint to mimick that.

Did I mention that I LOVE THIS BAG?

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  1. Great job!!! I want one. Did you make the handle or buy it. If you made