Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tooth Fairy Tracking Chart

The Tooth Fairy Tracking Chart was mine! Did you guess right? I am working on the tutorial now, and I have already had an expectant mommy ask me to make her one so she can track her kid's baby teeth. So much fun! Thanks for voting.

The Tooth Fairy is the toast of the "make-believe" town around here! I wanted to make a chart to help my kid track "progress" as each tooth was lost. Here I bring you, the "Tooth Fairy Tracking" Chart.

The backing is tin, and the teeth are magnets that move to the corresponding number (age) when the tooth falls out, along with a special magnetized "jewel" that the tooth fairy leaves behind.

Kids not old enough for the Tooth Fairy yet?? Ahhh! I bring you Option #2...Tracking your kid's baby teeth.

My kids love this and it makes the tooth fairy more magical than ever!

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