Monday, June 27, 2011

Tim Urban and the Halter to Toddler Dress

Yep, the Halter to Toddler Dress was mine. Love Love Love.

One of my favorite American Idol Contestants from Season 9 is Tim Urban. I am Texas-biased, of course, but I liked this little cutie from Duncanville, TX who laughed every time judges criticized him. He was supposed to go home after the top 24 were announced, but due to an equivocation about another contestant having a previous record contract, they came to the airport and asked him to come back. He did, and made it to the top 7.

I am sort of like the Tim Urban of this season of SYTYC. Polls looked like this

Poll: Wild Card {week 1}

I am last. No big deal, it was fun to try and I still LOVE the dress. But Holly at Domestic Dork decided to leave, even though her rockin tickety tock clock kicked my toddler dress in the tail. It was no equivocation about a record contract. She felt like she needed to be "peace out" with the blogging world for awhile. You can read about it here. Farewell, Holly. You seem like a funny and fun mama and I wish I could have seen you compete more in the contest.

So I am back. I didn't pack my bags and go to the airport. I was just WAY DOWN in the polls and had a lot of work to do after returning from a relaxing weekend in Mexico...more about that later. I emailed Missy the day the craft was due and said "I think I'm toast in the contest...may not be motivated to finish my next craft", which was about 20% done, since it looked like I would be "going home" anyway. Then Missy e-mailed me back and said, "I would still do one."

So here I am. I am so happy to post pics of Lucy in the toddler dress and finish up the tutorial. This week's theme is "Make Believe". Go here and vote. I loved my halter and I love my craft this week, so even if I am last place again, I am OK with that.

Oh, and btw, Tim Urban was in Cancun the same time I a neighboring resort. Along with Aaron Kelly, Ruben Studdard, and Corbin Bleu, to name a few. They had a concert and I had the opportunity to go, but my fellow travellers opted for a cozy night kids free. Could ya blame them? Farewell, Tim! Maybe next time.

Lucy got to wear her dress to church today. We can "come out" with the dress, since the polls have closed. Some of my church friends knew I was in Season 8 of SYTYC, but didn't know which one was mine :) Sawyer wanted in the picture, too.

Here's us with her dress and my dress that I made using a LBB Pieced Tunic Dress Pattern. Too bad you can't see my super cute pink heels that matched.

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