Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Toddler Elvis

I had mulled over Sawyer's Halloween costume for awhile, and saw this white polyester at Joann's for $2/yard, and this all came together for about $10 and in 24 hours. I hadn't planned on using the embellishments until it was completed and didn't look quite blingy enough to be Vegas Elvis. After the embellishments, it looked absolutely perfect. Since I had no experience in designing whatsoever, I used Sawyer's clothes and traced a pattern in which I used some ugly polyester scrap fabric to make and tweak a template. It took half the night but was so worth it!

My proudest part of the costume is the "flare" on the legs and arms, which took 2 extra triangles of fabric per sleeve/leg. It took some tweaking but gives it so much more dimension. Designing was a blast! I wish I had more time!

My poor little Elvis was "All Shook Up" after the long photo shoot.