Friday, January 8, 2010

Chipotle Baby Clothes

I was so impressed with the LilBlueBoo Tutorial about making baby pants from a T-shirt. I found some old t-shirts with the purpose of upcycling them in this way. I decided to give it a try, and how convenient that one of my co workers is expecting her first in a few months, and her hubby is employed with Chipotle. I really didn't know where I would go with this, but after the pants were done, there was so much fabric left. I used the remaining big logo to make a bib. It was centered when I cut it, but somehow did not end up this way. And, while I was just going to include a plain white onsie, I thought, why not use Dana's freezer paper tutorial to paint the logo on there? It was actually SUPER easy! I am so glad I took these pics first b/c when I ironed the shirt to set the paint, it smeared a little! Oh well, they are still super cute!

Before pic of my freezer paper stencil...

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