Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Girl Sweater

This sweater is from a pattern that is from a very old crochet book. I had just gotten into crocheting, and was very excited about it. Kevin's great aunt Uarda, who is as close as a grandma to him, gave me a book that she has owned for over 30 years and never put to use. Ironically, most of the patterns in it were more fashionable today than lots of patterns in the stores now. (While crocheting is not just for grannies, some of the patterns out there are, esp when it comes to garments).

This was my first big crochet undertaking. It was a beast, to say the least, and while I'm very proud of it, I would probably not start with something of this magnitude if I had it to do over again. Not only is the pattern a little difficult, but the skeins of yarn are so fine that it takes a lot of this stuff to get bulk. This project was made with Bernat baby yarn in pink. I chose it for it's sparkle. It was a great yarn, don't get me wrong. Now, I swear by Lion Brand Vanna's Choice baby yarn. It is bulkier, and it's so much easier to get traction with my projects. This sweater was made for Little Lu last year. It fit big, thank the Lord. My efforts get to be blessed for 2 winters!

I modified it a little last night! First of all, I added buttons. Little Lu cannot wear a jacket unless it is buttoned/zipped, etc. While she was happy to have this jacket secured with a tie on top last year, I have tried to get her to wear it this year. Every time she sees the open part, she says "oops!" and takes it off. Since the pattern did not call for buttons, I was at liberty to choose my own. I found these roses by JHB International. Sewing these on was another story. I am a crocheter not a seamstress. Don't know if the buttons will make it through a washing but I have a spare and know where to get more!

Second of all, the original pompoms were hand made. Since then, I have discovered pom pom makers by clover. They are so great and make full, beautiful pompoms! I hope Lucy can get a lot of wear out of the sweater now that it has buttons. I also hope to pass it on to a niece or grandaughter one day!

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