Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bezel Bracelet

I do NOT do jewelry! Very intimidating and un-fun! But when my MOPS moms were requesting a jewelry item for the spring, I googled "cheap easy bracelet" and this tutorial came up from Anngela's Pretty Little Things. I was so happy to see a full stock of Hobby Lobby bracelets and we were able to embellish them using scrapbook paper and leftover photo squares from another project. I pretty much followed the tutorial step by step with the exception of using sun and moon glaze for the adhesive and top coat. The secret is to fill the entire bezel with glaze so that it has a glassy finish! Thanks, Anngela, for your tutorial which literally saved me on this one!

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  1. I really do LOVE your bracelets!! Thanks again for the mention :) :)